Portfolio Category: Offices

  • Ignition-Pro


    “Balancing the colours of the logo with the space to keep it simple and clean while not making it boring is the main idea of the design. Using red as a prominent colour to make the space more vibrant.”

  • Onyx Tec

    Onyx Tec

    The idea was to design a facade in which geometric shapes are cut from a plane having straight lines which have another different shape in the background the result of which is rectangle shaped windows visible from the interior but having circle shaped openings on the exterior cut through straight lines. This makes for an…

  • Access Security

    Access Security

    The core concept behind the design is to achieve an industrial interior design in a luxury way; the balance has been achieved between two extremes by using metal frames with wood, plants, and elegant colors.

  • The Dinning Diva

    The Dinning Diva

    The idea was to design a luxury office having subtle hints of corporate ambiance but at the same time being balanced with the client’s vision to design something that is innovative like an artificial terrarium facing the sitting pocket and double wireframe art décor on the wall along with using gold in balanced proportions to…

  • Abdullah Home Interior

    Abdullah Home Interior

    The client wanted a standout design with future expansion considerations. The left half of the building was designed into a private residence with privacy and natural ventilation while the right half which expands to the entire building area on the top floors was designed as a commercial plaza which will be constructed after a period…