Portfolio Category: Commercial

  • Ignition-Pro


    “The idea was to design with a glass façade and a feeling of openness in the entire design including an open layout plan of the house. The Glass elevation is deliberately kept on the North side to keep the house from overheating while at the same time providing a feeling of openness. The angular shape…

  • Muaaz Enterprises

    Muaaz Enterprises

    The elevation is designed on the theme of industrial style as we use the minimalist style of surface design through vertical and horizontal louvers and also with balconies that create clean lines and an aesthetic appearance.

  • Masaud Tech

    Masaud Tech

    The idea was to design a facade in which geometric shapes are cut from a plane having straight lines which have another different shape in the background the result of which is rectangle shaped windows visible from the interior but having circle shaped openings on the exterior cut through straight lines. This makes for an…

  • Bashir Khayre Residence

    Bashir Khayre Residence

    The house is designed in contemporary style architecture with terraces stepping back in the massing providing for an interesting visual play and the different materials and textures used to make an elevation that is unique as well as attractive to the eye.

  • Canal Enclave

    Canal Enclave

    Main entrance gate is always the exclusive feature of the societies which also makes them a trademark. The architectural characteristic of the main entrance is the rhythm of steel columns. A modern approach is used in constructing a gate through motion which can be visualized by entering and exiting the society by passing through the…