Portfolio Category: Construction

  • Ehsan Heights

    Ehsan Heights

    Creating harmony and visual balance according to the scale of the building while using different kinds and sizes of classical elements to give depth and liveliness in building elevation is the idea behind the design.

  • Hamza Arcade

    Hamza Arcade

    The idea was to create a façade that changes with movement. The building provides a different view when look at from different directions. The design of the façade not only creates interesting, different from the norm vistas from the building but also minimizes exposure to the sun while at the same time allowing natural light…

  • Palm Resort

    Palm Resort

    The concept of the resort revolves around openness, light and air. Each structure of the resort is created carefully with this idea at its core. All the spaces provide interesting vistas and no space feels as if it wasn’t deliberately designed. A beautiful rhythm of floor to ceiling windows let the outside into the spaces…

  • Mumtaz Zahoor House

    Mumtaz Zahoor House

    The design approach was to compose a building that speaks for itself in the uniqueness of its design and aesthetic values.The element of vertical lines was the core idea behind this project and is also used in the designing of screens that are there to create a translucent effect and provide privacy for the inhabitants.