Portfolio Category: Offices

  • ES Trading Company

    ES Trading Company

    The core idea is to keep the design minimalistic while using the company’s color scheme, give it an attractive, modern, and elegant feel through materials and design elements and make a comfortable environment within the space.

  • Cynosure Office

    Cynosure Office

    The inspiration was taken from “less is more” and that is what was delivered with keeping things interesting in a minimalist yet graceful manner. A pop of greenery is added to the design in the office to make the space interesting and visual graphics are used on walls in theme color of logo to enhance…

  • Mahi Developers Office

    Mahi Developers Office

    The principles of this design, the Harmony, rhythm, and balance are all the same with interior design. We try to follow some new techniques and designs that is also the requirement of the client. The classic contemporary design is the main feature of this project.

  • CA Pakistan

    CA Pakistan

    Chartered Accountant Pakistan Office Interior Design.