Portfolio Style Two

“The elegance of simplicity” was the core inspiration behind the design. The building’s massing was explored to its fullest to create an interesting façade rather than the excessive use of ornamentation design elements. The result of which is an eye catching structure which stands apart in its own unique way.”

“Balancing the colours of the logo with the space to keep it simple and clean while not making it boring is the main idea of the design. Using red as a prominent colour to make the space more vibrant.”

“The idea was to design with a glass façade and a feeling of openness in the entire design including an open layout plan of the house. The Glass elevation is deliberately kept on the North side to keep the house from overheating while at the same time providing a feeling of openness. The angular shape of the façade creates an interesting dynamic with the glass façade as it is designed to appear massive against the light glass façade and balance the overall elevation effectively.”

“The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out. This is not an easy job.”

“The main idea was to break away from traditional beauty salon design. One that seeks to be ideal in all areas, practical as well as versatile. It goes far beyond aesthetics, creating space that allows for better user experience and giving a sense of belonging to the customer.”

The idea was to design a facade in which geometric shapes are cut from a plane having straight lines which have another different shape in the background the result of which is rectangle shaped windows visible from the interior but having circle shaped openings on the exterior cut through straight lines. This makes for an interesting facade as well as a unique interior.