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Get it for AndroidMac. While this process is sometimes associated with malware, it’s primarily a legitimate and system-critical Windows process. In the meantime, though, why doesn’t Windows Task Manager recognise show Rapport as a ‘process’ nor include it in the starttup of Applications Running? Uncheck them, click okay, and then restart your PC.


% CPU Usage in Windows? Here’s How to Fix it – Make Tech Easier – Question Info


To achieve this —. If the system works fine after this, you can enable one program at a time to identify the program that is creating problems. Update the antivirus software and run a comprehensive scan on the system. If infections are detected, quarantine or delete them. So, replacing the faulty fan will solve the problem.

You must also make sure that the CPU fan is dust-free because dust slows down the fan and prevents it from cooling the CPU. Dust accumulated on the RAM can either slow down the system or cause one of the memory modules to fail completely.

Remove dust from RAM, and start your system normally. You will notice a dramatic hike in your PCs performance. Microsoft releases regular updates for its operating systems to patch up bugs and add new features. You just need to make sure that the Automatic Update feature of your Windows 7 computer is enabled to ensure that the updates are automatically downloaded and installed as soon as they are released.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Check the System for Software changes If you have installed any new program recently after which the CPU usage is high, then it is best to uninstall the software. To check for the program that is causing the problem: Right-click taskbar and click Task Manager.

There are more fixes for you to try. So try running an antivirus scan to see if there are viruses, spywares or Trojans on your PC. If the antivirus software on your PC detected malware or virus, you need to delete them immediately. After you deleted all the viruses, this issue will be fixed. In this case, try the next fix, below. Try disabling this feature to see if this issue can get fixed.

Click Yes to turn this feature off. See if the issue persists after you turn off this feature. If this issue remains, try disabling Windows Notification. Some Windows 10 users reported that Windows notification settings may casue the high CPU usage issue.

Many of them fixed this issue by modifying Windows notification settings. You can also this this fix a try! Then click System. Then scroll down a little bit on the right side pane to turn off the feature Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows. Hopefully one of the fixes above can help you resolve this issue. Please leave your comment below if you have any questions. Justin, a Microsoft Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate, is a technical writer and a tech enthusiast.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading books and listening to music. To install Driver Easy Click. Justin Zeng Last Updated: 3 months ago.

To repair corrupted system files using Reimage, follow the steps below: Download Reimage. Install and launch Reimage. Click Yes to continue. Wait for Reimage to scan your PC. This may take a few minutes.

After the scanning process completed, Reimage will provide you with the PC scan summary. Before you end the processes that eat up your CPU, you should Google the process name to check whether it is safe to kill or not. Update your drivers Some outdated or missing drivers may also trigger this issue. Be sure to choose the drivers that are compatible with your variant of Windows system versions.


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