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Windows 10 s folder remove groups free


Note that in my case I did not find the Asus Drivers until after I had installed the Dell drivers using the process in steps 7, 8 and 9. The point being if you are missing any drivers, give the Dell download a shot. I was able to get the sound working on my Win10 TTA by doing the following:. Download the most recent Win8. Run Windows Update. Sound continued to work. Last edited by MortonThule; at PM. Reason: clarification re drivers to download.

Excelent article! Help me to wipe my Asus T with no fear. Given all the present and past Asus T owners, I would like to ask for reviews and advices: would you recommend to switch to Win10, or stick to Win8? I feel mine being sluggish on Win8…. Any input is appreciated. It seems that I fixed the problem meanwhile. After doing a BIOS reset and upgrading it to v it looks like the problem is gone.

Hi Ian, thanks a lot for your report. I did a Win 10 Enterprise clean-install with all the drivers and everything is running fast and fine. Then I push the Power Button again for a few seconds to shut down and switch on the device again and windows is booting fine.

I just wiped my T back to factory, updated the BIOS to the most current build and am in the process of upgrading to Win 10 for free. Did anyone have to install that driver manually, or did Windows 10 install that automatically for you?

Thanks in advance! Also, under human interface device there is nothing in there for the touch screen. Update went pretty easy.

I think the trick is to make sure you keep you laptop docked on the keyboard. I also made sure that the USB I used, had the most recent version. I am sure you can do the same with a disk. I went into windows with the USB plugged in, and configured it to boot to bios in the windows 8 recovery section. In bios I only set it to boot from USB first. Saved and restarted. The t booted to the USB and I started the windows 10 installation. I was able to use the mouse pad and keyboard for the whole install..

Forgot to mention pull the sd card before you install windows Pointed all the exclamation in devise manager to the unzipped folder on the sd card and upgraded drivers. Got kinda scary when the video driver updated. But a simple restart fixed it. Made sure windows updated and the windows store apps also. Downloaded all my favorite programs. Windows 10 runs great. Thanks for this post!!!! OMG thank you so muuuuuuuuch!!!! Thanks a lot!

Hi and thanks for the detailed explanation. But I still have a major problem after installing Windows My T does not switch automatically into desktop or tablet mode when I remove the keyboard. Furthermore when I am in tablet mode the keyboard does not show up when I try to type something. I have to start it manually. Strange thing is that it does work when I have to enter my windows password. Does anyone know why this might happen and how I can solve this problem?

Your email address will not be published. Its a bit frustrating to find that by default Active Directory does not record the username of the last person who logged onto a computer.

As such if you need to know who is logging Read more…. Did you know you can see a list of printers on each server in Active Directory Users and Computers? This lets you see Read more…. Recently I locked down a PC to allow a customer to remote into our office and run a single app. To make it secure I made a number of firewall changes to block internet and Read more…. The Asus T runs Windows 10 beautifully. I was able to get the sound working on my Win10 TTA by doing the following: 1.

Install the above SOC drivers and Reboot if prompted. Sound started working here. Reason: clarification re drivers to download Reply.

Any input is appreciated Reply. Regards Walt Reply. Does somebody have an idea? Thank you very much in advance. Best regards Walt Reply. I was trying to reset my tablet last week when the Windows reset failed and bricked my tablet. I have been working on it daily and I managed to get Windows 10 x86 installed. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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– Windows 10 s folder remove groups free

1) make a text file that has the following contents replacing the folder names in quotes with your folder names: rmdir /s /q “My Apps” rmdir /s /q “My Documents” rmdir /s /q “My Pictures” rmdir /s /q “My Work Files” 2) save the batch file with extension (for example ). Apr 22,  · Beginning with version , Windows 10 groups these sponsored apps into a single folder; you can remove that folder with a right-click. 3 of 20 Ed Bott/ZDNet Internet Explorer 11 is one of. Dec 09,  · PC users can set Linux Distribution version to WSL1 or WSL2 in Windows 11/ Add or Remove Linux from Explorer Navigation Pane From within Windows Explorer, select Organize, Folder and Search.


An introduction to Linux Access Control Lists (ACLs) | Enable Sysadmin – Question Info


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