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Windows 10 pro build 10240 iso product key free.Windows 10 10240 RTM ISO download

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Windows 10 pro build 10240 iso product key free. How to activate Windows 10 build 10240


I have found the way to activate windows. I tried the command line way and it worked fine the first time I tried, just couple days ago, this was using a microsoft downloaded win 10 home 32bit, it did display an error message or two but it did work. So I ran kmspico on it and it worked fine. Thankyou, now that I have the kmspico version that works — link is above ill just use that because its nie quick and easy and no typing of product keys required :.

Default Apps included ability to set Windows Photo Viewer as default, so no worries there. Sure, I disabled in the policy editor gpedit. So, I ran services. Then, I created a blank shutdown. I attempted to alter the name of shutdown cmd in regedit, but Windows disallowed, so I attempted to gain permission by altering or adding myself as a user, but Windows blocked me from being able to do anything.

Xubuntu detects all my hardware, no driver installations needed. Xubuntu is easy to setup, even easier than Windows. Microsoft should learn a lesson from Linux, because their current draconian totalitarian dictatorship principles of controlling everything users say or do is backfiring big time. Or, maybe someone can figure out exactly what process causes Windows to think it is activated once internet activation occurs, then create a backup of the files that determine Windows is activated permanently to import on modern machines?

You need to open command prompt elevated as administrator. See How to open elevated command prompt in Windows Thanks mahn.. Thanks in a million. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Advertisement. Support us Winaero greatly relies on your support. Hello I activated fine using the steps above. How will not having http in the KMS server address help me activate it?

What must i do exactly? Cheers buddy! What you say is true, however KMSpico only workes if you run these commands first. Worked like a charm! Thank you sooooo much! Thank you for this! I doubt that. I think you will be able to use this key for install only but not for activation. Thank you WinAero. You are right, the key is the same which is used for install. You are welcome. How would you fix this? Thanks, FlippinWindows. Thank You, Sir. It worked. I wonder if it works for Enterprise versions.

So this build is actually not RTM since everyone can use the same key for activation. I just wanted to make sure people knew what they were getting into here. You are right. Its work for me Windows 10 Pro build x Thank you. It worked great for Windows 10 Enterprise key. Regards, Ben. You Rock. Been struggling with this since Wednesday. Thank you very much!! It was the only method that really works! I have a serious concern.

I hope someone can answer this properly: I have a year-old laptop running legit Windows 8. But I really want it now though haha Note: I use this laptop as my personal device.

Wonder why this information is so difficult to find? It must be supported by Windows Try to install Windows 8. I get the same error. Something is wrong with your Group Policy settings. Did you tweak something there? Hi , Thanks for the steps.. It worked for me. Thanks, man. Can you explain how this will prevent activating with another key later? Long as people can use it. Since when did Microsoft need our permission to use the Windows we legitimately bought?

Since when are they our nanny? They must be desperate for everyone to start using Ubuntu. Worked for me, despite the initial error when setting the key. Thanks a lot! Searching for about 30 minutes and found your solution and it worked just like mentioned. Thanks god! Thakn you! Super, works for me, however with a different personal product key. Thanks for this post! Why is it that there is a need to enter a product key when you already have a kms host?

You know, the more I use Linux, the more I see what is wrong with Windows. Works great, because I tried it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Previous Previous post: All ways to sign out from Windows Next Next post: How to hide or block Windows or driver updates in Windows We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. For a sensible and simple review, I would tell you that this version has been revised on a whole, whereas in most of the places you would realize some old feature.

However, these old features have been given a new touch. You would get an excellent and new user experience. When I talk about the user experience this includes the design, performance, and its features.

The Windows Insider Program is a global fans community that just loves Windows. Insiders see the operating system in its earliest stages and play a role in shaping it. This is the reason Windows 10 Pro Build seems almost problem-free. Beginning the features from the very start, you would start to feel the amazing and new feeling. First of all the all-new lock screen with increased security from 4 pins in Windows 8. Moving on to the welcome screen. Then you have got new themes that you would definitely love.

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