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Windows 10 1903 features list free

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If you use a Microsoft account linked with your phone number, you can now use an SMS code to sign-in, and continue setting up your account without the need of a password.


– Windows 10 Version , What’s New in Windows 10 May Update?


Type detail partition and take a note of the value for Type. You will receive a message Diskpart successfully set the partition ID. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. There seems to be a contradicting statement where it says “Hidden: No” and then Hidden in the Info? Anyway, as you suggested, for the MBR I changed from type 27 to type 7 and the Hidden disappeared from the info, also disk management now shows the correct free space.

I had to set the ID back to 27 otherwise after every reboot windows was assigning a letter to the recovery partition. All I really want is to see the correct free space, I guess I’ll have to use a third party program to get the information.

The reason we need to know the exact free space is to avoid the problems with Windows Image Backup that needs to create the shadow copy. I have no urge to upgrade from windows 8. Microsoft should be concentrating on fixing the OS and release upgrades every two years, less chance of bricking laptops and desktop computers. Rather than dumping upgrades every 6 months. Microsoft will milk money from windows 7 users. Windows 7 and 8. No way Windows will be making passwordless mandatory.

By the time they do that, companies will be dropping off Windows hard. The idea is not stupid either, Steam, Google, your local banks, and other services have already been doing this long before Windows. A bit nitpicky, why are you separating smartphones from iPhones?

Are iPhones not smartphones? The worst is how insecure the method is — reasonably determined attackers can intercept SMS messages for a given number for a limited time period, ensuring that they get the code, not you. People still rely on landline and VOIP phones. Even a two hundred dollar mobile device is a luxury item, and accidents are costly. People live check by check, and Major carriers squeeze their customers with hidden fees.

The idea of everyone carrying mobile phone is stupid. And no two prepaid mobile network carriers are alike. For example.

I had to set my mobile to receive verification code via voice messages from my bank before doing online business. Windows 10 — the operatingsystem that is the easiest one to hack — from online…. New first-party extensions for Timeline? Where was this confirmed? It is called Web Activities, only available for Chrome. It all seems rather pointless. Can we have an only do updates older than 6 months old feature? Worst of all Windows I used more than two weeks.

My interest is to get the system running fast apps I want, not to be bugged by the bloatware MS installs. To get that I need to turn as many Windows 10 services as I can, including the monstrous Windows Update. I think I have found a security problem in Windows 10 which I would like to report or ask Microsoft.

If I start the installable or portable version of LameXP, a day later I find that LameXP has managed to set itself as the preference program for audio playing and video playing Default Programs.

I did not set this myself. So the author of LameXP has succeeded in preventing Windows 10 to change the Default Programs settings, against the will of the user. So I think this is a hack of Windows More like a PEBKAC, similar to users installing malware-ridden programs from untrusted websites or downloading virus-infected pirated stuffs from torrents. Looks like a more meaningful update, at least in comparison with certain previous ones.

More under the hood stuff, less fluffy eye-candy. However: if they restrict and mess with the feature update delaying options, it is going to be problem. A rather big one, I suspect. You can play with fire only a certain amount of times. Releasing buggy updates is one thing, forcing them onto users is like telling them to switch OS. A funner idea would be to go back to Win 3.

In relation to the subscription idea I think we will see it and we will be going back to the dumb terminal hosting idea see chromebooks as this would save them money and time from pushing out updates to the users, though it would impact the storage industry. This reduces the capacity available to the user. On low-performance office PCs with small SSDs, the increased hardware requirements could be a problem. The most important new feature is the Windows Sandbox. It is a contained environment from which no access to the host system is possible.

In the Sandbox, IT professionals can perform tasks they should not do directly on an admin workstation, such as browsing the web. Technically, it is a preconfigured lightweight virtual machine that does not require an explicit Hyper-V installation.

It shares OS binaries with the host, so no separate patching is required. The Sandbox starts each time with a pristine Windows The Sandbox discards all data and applications it contains upon exit. To save user files, you can create your own transfer directories and copy the data there before closing the Sandbox. When needed, you can install applications automatically with the help of a startup script.

For both cases, you have to provide a configuration file. Windows 10 will not deliver any substantial innovations yet to the integrated Web browser. Edge in its current form is a phase-out model, and the transition from Microsoft’s own rendering engine to Chromium is on the way.

Preliminary versions of Edge Chromium appear in three channels. The Chromium-based Edge recently appeared as a public preview and still lacks many functions for use in organizations. These include the support for group policies. However, a first official release could find its way into Windows 10 Edge is still the only browser that Microsoft supports with Application Guard. It is a similar feature to the Sandbox but is limited to the shielded use of a web browser.

Chrome extension for Windows Defender Application Guard. Microsoft recently released extensions for Chrome and Firefox. They pass URLs for external websites specified by the admin to Edge in the Sandbox, while internal pages, for example, continue to display in the default browser. As with every Windows 10 release, will add additional settings for group policies. These essentially do not apply to new features but only to existing ones. In addition, there is the abovementioned option for forcing a restart to install updates plus a setting to deactivate security questions in the event that users have forgotten their passwords.

The security baseline is a collection of GPO settings Microsoft recommends to secure Windows servers and workstations. By using the Group Policy Analyzer, you can compare them with a backup of the policies currently in use.

You can also import them when needed via Group Policy Management to secure the systems. Currently, the baseline is still available as a preview, but it has already brought about controversial discussions. The reason for this is the removal of the password expiration policy, which forces users to change passwords regularly. According to Microsoft, the disadvantages associated with the regular change of passwords slightly modified variants of the same password, forgetting the new password and calling the helpdesk outweigh the additional security.

Instead, companies should rely on multi-factor authentication or exclude trivial passwords using blacklists. Of course, banning the expiration date for passwords from the baseline does not mean that the respective settings will disappear from group policies. Rather, it is just an update of the best practices. A whole series of changes is obvious when you first log on to the system. Select the appropriate version of Windows 10 N from the drop down list below.

Downloads Select your version of Windows from the dropdown list below. Select an edition from the drop down menu.


Windows 10 1903 features list free

Windows 10 version also includes an updated version of Windows Security, which windows 10 1903 features list free new Windows Defender Application Guard options that allows you to manage access to your camera and microphone while browsing using this security feature ссылка Microsoft Edge. Starting with this major release, the Fonts page now has a drag and drop option to install a font family using a file. If you would like to see them, the fastest way there is to right-click the IME mode indicator in widows taskbar and select Settings. There are two known issues in this update, one in which system and user certificates might deatures lost when updating a device from Windows 10 version or later to a later version of 01 10, and another in which users of the Microsoft Input Method Editor IME for Japanese or Chinese languages might windows 10 1903 features list free issues when attempting various tasks. The rules. Recommended troubleshooting 5.

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