Junaid Residence

Junaid Home Interior

The idea was to design spaces and create an ambiance that makes a grand statement, is subtle yet luxurious while not compromising on the functionality.  The drawing room features a modern fireplace which acts as a screen as well as a decorative element. Both of the sitting pockets consist of a feature wall and the space the under the stairs is ingeniously used to create storage as well as ironing area which is visually pleasing as well.  The kitchen is the star of the design which consists of a well-designed fancy back wall which would be used as a backdrop for shooting YouTube videos as well while at the same time it is customized to fulfill every other need as well, with customized drawers, spice storage, vegetable storage, pantry and glass displays. The bedroom have their own theme colors with customized media walls, make up vanities and closets while kids bedroom is designed on the theme of space which makes the room fun and interesting not just for kids but adults as well. The design makes sure to shine every room in its own unique way and presents a great aesthetics as well.

Customized Kitchen

Fireplace Design

Space themed Kid’s Bedroom