Portfolio Category: Interior design

  • Masaud Tech

    Masaud Tech

    The idea was to design a facade in which geometric shapes are cut from a plane having straight lines which have another different shape in the background the result of which is rectangle shaped windows visible from the interior but having circle shaped openings on the exterior cut through straight lines. This makes for an…

  • Access Security

    Access Security

    The core concept behind the design is to achieve an industrial interior design in a luxury way; the balance has been achieved between two extremes by using metal frames with wood, plants, and elegant colors.

  • 111th Infantry Brigade

    111th Infantry Brigade

    The core of the idea revolved around designing a space that would not only fulfill the functional aspect of space but also make it warm, vibrant, and adaptable which has been done by using warm colors, natural material textures like orange color which represents motivation, positive attitude, and enthusiasm. To balance the space orange color…

  • Sugar Villa

    Sugar Villa

    The idea was to create a fun stall that is eye-catching and unique in its design. A life-size waffle with a serving window in between plays peek-a-boo with the customers while the realistic model display of the menu items is creatively made part of the design which adds another interesting dimension as well as the…

  • Dunkin Donuts

    Dunkin Donuts

    The inspiration behind the design was the fun colors in the logo which were used as the core element of the design. Interesting use of colors and play of colored lights make it very interesting and the focal point is the entertainment room which consists of six selfie areas using the theme of food in…