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Windows 10 2018 update issues free.Windows 10 April 2018 Update stuck at downloading? You’re not alone

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Update: After pausing the rollout of the update and extensively testing the software to make sure most issues have been fixed, Microsoft has now made the Windows 10 October Update once again available to download. We will keep updating this guide with any new issues we find.

Some people have reported that they have encountered Windows 10 October Update problems since downloading and installing it. One of the most headline-grabbing problems the Windows 10 October Update has faced is that it would delete files from hard drives. That was definitely a worrying problem, but it looks to have been patched out.

But, either way, you should backup your device before installing the Windows 10 October Update just in case. Plus, the Windows 10 October Update should perform better, now that Microsoft has released a patch softening the performance hit from Spectre patches. A number of people have found they were experiencing audio problems after installing the Windows 10 October Update.

This issue was due to incompatibility with an Intel driver. The problem was widespread enough that Microsoft has acted to fix the issue. There is now an update that you can download via the Windows Update app that addresses the problem.

One of the most severe problems we’ve seen with the Windows 10 October Update related to HP computers. A cumulative update for the October Update which includes fixes for previous problems was causing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death before crashing HP laptops and computers.

It appears the issue was caused by a keyboard driver, and a new update has been pushed by Microsoft to address the problem. It should download automatically. If not, open up the Windows Update app and check for any pending downloads. One of the most serious issues to ever affect a Windows 10 update appears to have occurred, with multiple people reporting that after installing Windows 10 October Update, files stored in their “Documents” folder have gone missing.

The issue is severe enough for Microsoft to pause the rollout of the October Update, which shows just how seriously Microsoft is taking this issue. The problem hasn’t affected everyone – we’ve not experienced the issue on the PC we updated – but you should check your Documents folder to see if your files are missing.

If they are, then Microsoft suggests calling “our support line. They have the tools to get you back to a good state. For the support number in other countries, check Microsoft’s website opens in new tab. If your computer is affected, then Microsoft suggests you minimize the use of the affected device and contact them as soon as possible. If you’re encountering problems installing Windows 10 October Update via Windows 10’s update tool, don’t panic.

Windows 10 has a built-in troubleshooter that can help identify any problems. This can also reset the Windows Update app, which can help kickstart the installation.

To do this, click the Start menu, then click the cog icon on the left, which will open up the Settings window. As with previous major updates for Windows 10, the October Update requires a certain amount of hard drive space to successfully download and install.

If your main hard drive where Windows 10 is installed, usually the C: drive , is almost full, then you’ll encounter problems when trying to install Windows 10 October Update. The October Update requires 16GB of free space for the bit version, while the bit version needs 20GB on the hard drive where Windows 10 is installed. So, the first thing you should do if the Windows 10 October Update install fails is to check your drive space in Windows Explorer.

If it is running out of space, try typing in “Disk Clean-up” in the search box on the taskbar and select the system disk usually the C: drive.

These should be safe to remove, but remember you can’t retrieve them once they’re gone. Antivirus software is certainly helpful to have, but it can sometimes cause problems when trying to install the Windows 10 October Update. If you have antivirus software installed, try disabling that before trying to install the Windows 10 October Update, as that may fix the problem.

You should then enable it and use it normally once the installation has completed. You may even need to uninstall the software temporarily. Just make sure that you reinstall it once the update installs successfully. If you are still experiencing problems when trying to install the Windows 10 October Update, then you may need to reset the update service and try again.

Select ‘Run as administrator’. It looks like there is a common Windows 10 October Update problem where Windows 10 apps, including the Edge internet browser, no longer work when the update installs. Following the October Update being installed, all Microsoft Store apps fail to connect to the internet, along with Edge. That’s certainly an annoying issue.

Microsoft has detailed a solution, however, explaining that you need to enable IPv6. Then click OK to save the changes. Apple and Microsoft have discovered that iCloud is no longer compatible with Windows 10 October Update , which means people with the October Update installed cannot install iCloud for Windows, and if it is already installed, it does not sync properly.

Apple and Microsoft are working together on a fix, so for the time being you’ll have to wait for an updated version of the software to be released. Microsoft has also prevented people with iCloud already installed from updating to the October Update until the issue is solved.

If you’ve been unable to install the October Update, this might be why. While it’s annoying, we think it’s the right move, as it means you can continue to sync your files to iCloud for the time being. It appears that it has compatibility issues with Skylake 6th generation or newer Intel processors. Apparently, the problem is caused by the Intel Display Audio driver for some of those chips, and Microsoft notes opens in new tab that it may result in excessive processor usage, along with reduced battery life.

If you have a chip that’s affected by this, a window will appear saying “What needs your attention” and warns that the Intel Display Audio driver causes stability problems and will be disabled. There will be a ‘Confirm’ button, but do not press it, as the Windows 10 October Update will fail.

Microsoft is looking into a fix, and has put a block on the update installing on affected machines. Intel has said that this affects some Skylake or newer chips, using versions However, if you have Intel Graphics Driver So you should be fine if this is the case, and no warning message should pop up. Some people have experienced problems connecting to the internet or using Wi-Fi after installing the Windows 10 October Update.

If you’re unable to access the internet, follow these steps. Select ‘Network Adapter’ and then ‘Run the troubleshooter’. A window will appear asking you which adapter to fix.

Select the one you’re having an issue with for example, Ethernet if you’re connecting to the internet via a cable from your PC, or Wi-Fi if you’re doing it wirelessly , then click ‘Next’. Click ‘Status’ then click ‘Network reset’. If the Windows 10 October Update fails with an 0xF error, this may be because you have an active VPN connection that’s interfering with Windows 10 contacting the update servers.

To fix this issue, disconnect from the VPN server and try again. This error can also occur if the System Reserved partition on your hard drive is full or not large enough. A third party software tool can help you resize your partition. Download and install the tool, then open it up and agree to the license terms. Once the tool has formatted and created the installation drive, you can restart your PC, boot from the drive and install the Windows 10 October Update from scratch.

Our How to install Windows 10 guide will show you how. However, some people have encountered problems when using it. Once the app has downloaded the files, quickly disconnect your PC from the network either remove the Ethernet cable or turn off your Wi-Fi adapter. If you’re trying to install the Windows 10 October Update using an ISO file, and you’ve encountered an error numbered 0xD – 0xC, then this means that the Windows 10 October Update might be corrupted.

Install all the updates that are found, then try installing the Windows 10 October Update again. Undoing changes. This should show you any problems that were encountered. Make a note of these, then search the internet for a solution. If Windows 10 October Update is struggling to install, you can check your hard drive for errors. Type “command prompt” into the search box in the taskbar, right-click “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator”.

You may be asked to press Y or Enter on your keyboard to confirm the check. Allow it to run, and if any errors are found, follow the instructions to fix them. If you’re still encountering problems with the Windows 10 October Update, or you don’t like the changes Microsoft has made, then you can uninstall the October Update and revert to a previous version of Windows. A window will appear asking you why you want to revert to a previous version. Answer the question this helps Microsoft improve future versions of Windows , then click ‘No, thanks’ from the next window.

This is where it asks you if you want to check for any updates. Click ‘Next’ on the window that follows, then ‘Next’ again, making sure you have your Windows log in details handy. Finally, click ‘Go back to earlier build’ and the Windows 10 October Update will uninstall.

If you wait 10 days to uninstall the Windows 10 October Update, you might find the option is gone. Unfortunately, the only way to uninstall the October Update after that is to perform a fresh install of Windows 10 using an ISO file of an older version.

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– Windows 10 2018 update issues free


Our bots do that. Here’s what’s new: Edge updated to Trusted by Millions We install and update about a million apps each day for our home users and Ninite Pro subscribers. You’ll need to upgrade your Windows version to continue using Ninite. NET 4. NET Desktop Runtime x64 5. Microsoft Edge has also experienced a few new updates. You can mute tabs if they’re playing sound, expand windows showing things like PDFs, books and other viewing material to full screen with a click and autofill shopping forms.

There’s also a new Dictation mode for those who would rather talk to their PC than type. Windows 10 will now allow you to read out what you’d like to note down and it’ll convert your thoughts into text.

Other, less hyped, features launched in the April Update include the ability to send content to nearby Windows 10 devices, send a webpage across Edge devices for example from your PC to your iOS device if that’s your chosen browser and an update to the Cortana voice assistant so you can control smart home equipment from your PC. A simplified version of Windows 10, codenamed Windows 10 Lean, was spotted in last week’s Redstone 5 preview build.

Though Microsoft made no official announcement, Twitter user Lucan posted his discovery on Twitter , also noting that a comparison of Windows 10 Pro and Lean reveals 50, missing files. Backed by screenshots of the preview, Lucan also believes that Windows 10 Lean will still be able to both run Universal Windows Programs and traditional Win32 applications. Microsoft has reduced the size of this Windows update by 2GB, appearing to cut older features it thinks a low-end device doesn’t need: Internet Explorer, Registry Editor, Windows Media Player and desktop wallpaper.

It seems to be geared towards tablets and laptops with 16GB of storage – a suggestion supported by The Verge ‘s own sources – to make sure they can receive updates, since these devices are usually still operating with the Windows version they came with due to a lack of space.

Lucan said sources told him Microsoft is still working out the kinks of Windows 10 Lean. Microsoft missed its deadline to release its Spring Creators Update to Windows 10 users last week, after discovering a ‘blocking bug’ the weekend before it was set to go live. But what Microsoft didn’t say at the time is that this bug would have caused millions of Windows 10 PCs to suffer the dreaded Blue Screen of Death BSOD had it gone ahead with the release of build As a result, Microsoft has taken the unusual step of releasing a new preview of Windows 10 to its Insiders ring — build – that it hopes has solved the issue, which appears to have been spotted by an Insider.

Build is likely to be the last version before the Spring Creators Update is released, according to The Verge. That means the update — which still doesn’t have an official name – should be available for download soon, but as always, Microsoft will likely release it in waves, so it could be some time before you can update your system. The latter is more likely to be the truth, according to reports, with Microsoft halting the launch of version due to a ‘blocking bug’ that means the code didn’t pass the company’s stringent testing process.

A blocking bug isn’t a specific issue, according to Windows Central , which first reported the alleged issue; it’s just a general problem that’s serious enough to affect a lot of users or can cause significant issues if it were to be installed on devices.

The issue was reportedly uncovered over the weekend, so it’s likely Microsoft is already working on a patch. Only being discovered this weekend did mean the update missed the Patch Tuesday rollout, which is when the company usually reveals its new iterations, so we may have to wait a few weeks until it’s ready to go again.

Once the patch has been implemented and tested, only then will Microsoft be happy to release the update into the wild and users will start to be alerted that it’s ready to be downloaded and installed. Although it’s perhaps not time to party just yet as, in usual Microsoft style, it’s likely the update will roll out in stages.

The rumoured launch date was revealed last month, in an end of life document for Windows 10 that revealed support for build The long-awaited Windows 10 Spring Creators update looks to introduce a fair few features that are focused on boosting productivity. Near Share allows you to collaborate with others in a similar way to Apple’s AirDrop. You can share all types of content with others via Bluetooth, including contacts, files, and even URLs, straight from the Edge browser.

Windows 10 will now look very different too, with Microsoft’s Fluent Design System. It’s more modern than the previous iteration of Windows 10, bringing it closer to Mac OS in many ways. Timeline allows you to open any of the apps, files, and folders you had open last time you used your computer and carry on where you left off, even if you closed them down.

A few apps will be supported from the outset, including Office. From a security point of view, the Spring Creators Update will introduce Windows Defender Application Guard that attempts to block malware gaining access to your network via the Edge browser.

It users container-based isolation to stop any threats infecting the entire network. Once it’s been formally announced the Windows 10 Spring Creators update is available to download, you can use the Update Assistant tool to see if it’s available to you. Just head to the Windows 10 Update Assistant , select “Update now”. If the build is ready for your device, it will start downloading and install, then your computer will restart a few times before you’re up and running.

Microsoft has been caught foisting Windows 10’s Edge browser on users, even if they have another option set as their default browser. As part of a new feature in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build for users in the Skip Ahead ring, when users click any link within the Windows Mail app – which is the default email client that comes preinstalled on Windows 10 – it will automatically open in Microsoft Edge, regardless of whether or not it’s the system default.

Microsoft announced the change as part of a blog post , claiming that Edge “provides the best, most secure and consistent experience on Windows 10 and across your devices,” adding: “As always, we look forward to feedback from our WIP community. This is not the first time that the company has engaged in aggressive promotional tactics in order to increase the adoption of its browser.

When users enter ‘Chrome download’ or similar terms into Edge’s search bar which uses Bing as the default search engine they are greeted with a large banner at the top of their search results extolling the virtues of Edge and reminding them that it’s already installed on their PC.

Users trying to switch their PC’s default browser from Edge to an alternative via the settings menu are greeted with a similar message. Microsoft has landed itself in hot water over its behaviour regarding Windows’ built-in browsers in the past – the European Commission started investigating Microsoft for anti-competitive practices almost a decade ago over concerns that bundling Internet Explorer with Windows was an abuse of the company’s monopoly over the PC industry.

Windows Insiders are already using Microsoft’s Feedback Hub to complain vociferously about the change, accusing Microsoft of limiting their freedom of choice and locking them into its own apps.

The news of a July release came as little surprise to Microsoft watchers, as the company had stated the release would come in summer , and AMD’s CEO Lisa Su tipped the world off to a July launch thanks to a slip of the tongue during an earnings call in April that year. The RTM build was delivered to OEM partners to image new devices on 15 July, and another build is being delivered to retailers to upgrade unsold devices currently running Windows 8.

The first end users to get the finished version of the product were the five million Windows 10 Insiders using the operating system in a preview. Following that, Redmond began offering the upgrade to Windows 7, 8 and 8. One year after the initial launch of Windows 10, Microsoft rolled out the Anniversary Update, which introduced useful tweaks but was a little light on new features.

You can read our full review of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update here. System requirements for Windows 10 can be found here. Windows 10 Home is the standard edition of Windows for consumer PCs, tablets and hybrids such as the Surface 3 and upcoming Surface Pro 4.

Windows 10 Mobile, which had until now been known as Windows 10 for Phones, “is designed to deliver the best user experience on It has many of the same features as Windows 10 Home, although Continuum is only available on large mobile devices. Windows 10 Pro is aimed at small businesses and includes all the features of Windows 10 Home plus device and app management, data protection services, and support for remote and mobile working. Microsoft is doing everything it can to ensure that Windows 10 retains its core market of enterprise users.

One of the major shake-ups that Windows 10 has brought to the standard Windows formula is the system of regular, incremental updates, rather than large periodic overhauls although there are occasionally larger feature updates, like Anniversary Update. However, a constant series of rolling upgrades can be a huge headache for IT departments. In order to combat this, Microsoft has introduced Update for Business, which allows IT managers to fine-tune which devices and systems in their company receive Windows updates at which time.

The tool, which was announced at Microsoft’s Ignite conference in early May, allows the specification of maintenance windows in business environments, which can be used to designate when and when not to apply updates. This ensures that systems will be available at critical times and that machines can be unobtrusively kept up to date.

Microsoft has also addressed potential compatibility queries, stating that the new tools will fully integrate with existing management software like System Center and Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Project A2 pronounced A-squared , a mobile-centric product that aims to speed up business adoption of Windows 10, has been developed by VMWare. In early September , Dell agreed to sell the Surface Pro range alongside its own tablet offerings, as Microsoft pushes the Windows running device at the enterprise, while other agreements with Avanade, HP and Accenture under a Surface Enterprise Initiative will push more Windows 10 devices to business users.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released on 2 August , just a few days after the operating system’s first birthday. It features a number of tweaks and new features, such as Windows Ink and updates for Cortana and the Edge browser – you can read our full review here. The Anniversary Update was originally uncovered by Brad Sams of Neowin in April , at which time it was going under the codename “Redstone”, apparently in reference to the precious stone that features in Minecraft – the block-based game acquired by Microsoft in The August Anniversary Update was thought to be the first of two “Redstone” updates that would happen in , with the second one arriving in October.

However, rumour soon spread that the launch of the autumn update had been pushed back to spring This has seemingly been confirmed by Microsoft technology evangelist Nathan Mercer in a blog post , in which he promises two major feature updates next year, giving businesses time to adapt to the new OS and the features released in August before additional changes are made.

Having caused a great deal of upset by ditching the iconic Start menu with Windows 8, Microsoft has apparently realised it is best not to mess with a classic and reinstated it for Windows It is not an exact replica of the venerable Start menu that ran from Windows 95 to Windows 7, though.

While the location of the button and search function both remain, Microsoft has also incorporated an element of the Windows 8 Start page into the new menu, bringing Live Tiles into the interface.

The Live Tiles appear alongside the traditional menu when a user clicks on the Start button. They are set to feature Skype, Weather, Mail and Store by default, but can be added to, swapped or even removed completely as desired. The background can also be customised, as can which system applications appear in the traditional section of the menu. For those who actually preferred the Windows 8 Start screen interface, that is also available to launch from the Start menu.

Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri. Now, with Windows 10, she has been incorporated into the desktop both as a search function within the OS and in the new browser.

A full review of Cortana can be found at our sister site, Alphr. After 10 years as the default Windows browser, Internet Explorer has finally been retired, to be replaced by the new Microsoft Edge.

However, in the end, Microsoft said it had opted for a name starting with “E” because of user familiarity with the “e” icon from Internet Explorer, meaning they would know at a glance what the icon in the taskbar represented. In feel and design, Edge is much more similar to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox than its predecessor.

Indeed, it has a level of interoperability previously unseen in a Windows browser and can use Firefox and Chrome extensions natively, a feature that was introduced int eh Anniversary Update. Other additions include the ability to annotate web pages and consult Cortana, not just for search, but also richer features like restaurant reviews or maps to a venue.

She is also able to customise the information she presents based on data gathered about the user’s interests over time. Finally, there is the new tab layout, which will present suggested apps to download from the Windows Store, based on user interest and behaviour. It will offer varying degrees of detail ranging from plain icons through to headlines from media apps, and will also show news from regularly visited or subscribed sites, as well as a Bing search toolbar positioned at the very top.

Continuum is a new feature in Windows 10 designed to make the experience of using a hybrid device, such as the Dell XPS or Lenovo Yoga ranges, smoother. When docked or undocked from a keyboard, a pop-up will appear asking if the user wants to switch to or exit the full-screen “tablet mode”.

This, once again, seems to be a response to criticism arising from Windows 8, where users complained the interface seemed more optimised for touch and was difficult to navigate using a keyboard and mouse. Another new feature with Windows 10 is multiple desktops.

While Windows has supported virtual desktops for some time, it was not natively accessible to users, who had to turn to third-party software. Now, however, it is available as an inbuilt feature through the Task View interface, which lets users add, remove and move between virtual desktops. Users can also move apps between desktops although currently there is no drag and drop option. Instead, they have to right-click, select “move to” from the pop-up menu and then select the desktop they want the app to go to, or alternatively use the keyboard shortcuts listed in this blog post.

Microsoft has overhauled the Windows Store for Windows 10 to improve the experience for both customers and app developers alike by removing clutter and making it easier to search for and discover apps. An integral part of the Windows 10 Store is Universal Apps. As the name would suggest, these are apps that work on all devices from the smallest Windows 10 compatible phone to the gigantic Surface Hub. The idea of Universal Apps is to appeal to both developers and consumers.

For developers, it provides a single platform on which to create their app once and deploy it across multiple platforms. From a user standpoint, it means a smoother experience across all devices and, as everything is managed in the cloud, the app will be up to date no matter which device it is being used on, Microsoft has claimed.

Additionally, users only have to buy the app once for it to work on all devices, rather than one for the phone and one for the PC. At Mobile World Congress , Stephen Elop, who was then executive VP of Microsoft’s Devices and Services division, told delegates: “It is our hope that our cross-platform initiatives deliver not only across our platforms but those of others.

Additionally, while not falling within the universal apps bracket, Microsoft announced developers will be able to port iOS and Android apps to Windows 10 , not just emulate them. Microsoft has, however, reduced the number of devices any given app can be used on.

Rather than the 81 installs allowed with Windows 8. As pointed out by Neowin: “While 10 devices do seem like a lot, if you consider that phones and even your Xbox could be counted towards your usage, it does feel a lot more restricted than simply thinking you have 10 PCs in your home”. It could also cause problems for users who upgrade or refresh their PCs over the course of the 10 years Windows 10 will be supported and possibly beyond.

Microsoft has said that Windows 10 should be compatible with all devices currently running Windows 8. While those using computers that run Windows 7 should theoretically be able to upgrade straight to Windows 10, some older computers have struggled to run the new OS, with one such case even resulting in a courtroom battle in June Microsofts outline of compatibility specifications can be found here.

Windows Holographic is a special variant of Windows 10 that allows any Windows universal app to run on a standalone augmented reality AR device in a context-aware way. This means it takes into account information coming from the AR unit’s additional sensors, such as depth camera or gyroscope when rendering display information. As a matter of fact, I hope that in the not-the-so-distant future there will be many such devices. This has not happened yet, but in the meantime, it has been announced that Windows 10 will offer native support for two VR headsets – Oculus Rift from Facebook and Vive from Valve – as well as Valve’s Steam VR libraries.

Solid details on how this will work have been scant, and it is not quite Kipman’s vision of dozens of holographic computers, but it does show there is interest in Windows 10’s AR and VR capabilities from big-name third-party suppliers. While HoloLens itself has been pitched at least in part as an entertainment device, it also has practical business uses, particularly for those working in the fields of design, engineering and construction. Nadella has made it clear that enterprise applications like these are one of HoloLens’ top priorities.

As part of the device’s “five-year journey” , developers and commercial partners will be among the first to receive HoloLens units, with consumer applications coming as the technology evolves. Microsoft has doubled down on security in its latest OS, with features like Windows Hello, which relies on biometric scanning for authentication, and Microsoft passport. At the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft promised “plenty of exciting new Windows 10 devices to choose from which will support Windows Hello”, and devices already equipped with a fingerprint scanner will also work with the technology.

This isn’t just a consumer feature or gimmick either, as, according to Microsoft: “Windows Hello offers enterprise-grade security that will meet the requirements of organisations with some of the strictest requirements and regulations. Those with a Kinect v2 can set it up to log into Windows 10 by simply downloading the preview version of the Kinect for Windows driver and changing a registry setting.

Full instructions can be found on Channel 9. Other apps are also updating to include support for Windows Hello, with iHeartRadio finally releasing a Windows 10 Mobile version of its music app. The system allows IT managers, software developers and website authors to provide what Microsoft claims is a “more secure way of letting [users] sign-in to Once authenticated with ‘Passport’, you will be able to instantly access a growing set of websites and services across a range of industries – favourite commerce sites, email and social networking services, financial institutions, business networks and more,” he added.

For now, this isn’t catastrophic. But eventually, popular software will stop supporting Windows 7 just like how most apps no longer run on Windows XP. Plus, if someone discovers a huge security flaw in Windows 7, Microsoft won’t fix it. If you’re on Windows 7, you should make an effort to upgrade as soon as you can.

There’s a relatively low chance of a problem arising from a home user working on an unsupported OS, but you shouldn’t put yourself at risk for an extended period of time either. We’ve laid out your options for upgrading from Windows 7 so you know what’s available.

Follow the instructions in the “How to Upgrade to Windows 10” section below if you think you can upgrade your current system to Windows Running a really old version of Windows? Windows Vista reached the end of extended support in April , and Windows XP hasn’t been supported since You most likely won’t be able to upgrade directly to Windows 10 if you still have a Vista or XP system.

If your computer is that old, it’s probably time to replace it. Consider buying a new laptop or desktopor try building your own PC if you’re up for it. Microsoft has also acknowledged the problem, stating that opening the Run window will enable you to type into the search bar again.

Simply opening and closing the program seems to resolve the search box issue. It isn’t clear when we can expect a patch to officially correct the bug, but given this is a rather funky workaround it’s likely something more permanent is currently being worked on. Some people have been complaining that since upgrading to Windows 11, the File Explorer still looks the same as Windows This is actually a skin that replicated the older Windows 10 layout, but it’s unclear why some users are getting this as a default.

Thankfully, there is a simple fix:. The Widgets board is a new part of Windows 11 that holds small apps, known as ‘Widgets’ that give you quick access to information, such as news and events in your calendar.

To fix this, click the icon in the top right-hand corner of the Widgets board, then click ‘Sign out’. There are reports that a Windows 11 memory leak problem causes File Explorer to eat RAM , which, after a while, can cause memory issues that slow down the operating system. Microsoft hasn’t acknowledged this problem yet, but there is a workaround. Some readers have contacted us about their Start menus no longer working after upgrading to Windows If this happens when using Windows 11, try restarting your PC.

A window will appear and you can select ‘Restart’ and click ‘OK’. Press Enter on your keyboard and the tool will scan to check all the files are correct. This can help you get rid of the temporary and unnecessary files and free up your hard drive space so that your computer can update faster. Then, click Defragment and Optimize Drives.

Outdated or faulty hardware drivers can also trigger PC issues. Be sure to choose only drivers that are compatible with your Windows version. Driver Easy will automatically recognize your system and find the correct drivers for your devices, and your Windows version, and it will download and install them correctly:. Driver Easy will then scan your computer and detect any problem drivers. Corrupted or damaged system files may also be the reason why your computer updates so slow.

Follow the instructions below to see how to fix the issue:. Reimage specializes in Windows repair. It scans your system file to see if any is corrupted or missing and replaces system files automatically. You can review a summary of the issues detected after the scan is finished.


– Windows 10 2018 update issues free


This means that anyone using Windows 7 will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft. For now, this isn’t catastrophic. But eventually, popular software will stop supporting Windows 7 just like how most apps no longer run on Windows XP. Plus, if someone discovers a huge security flaw in Windows 7, Microsoft won’t fix it. If you’re on Windows 7, you should make an effort to upgrade as soon as you can. There’s a relatively low chance of a problem arising from a home user working on an unsupported OS, but you shouldn’t put yourself at risk for an extended period of time either.

We’ve laid out your options for upgrading from Windows 7 so you know what’s available. Follow the instructions in the “How to Upgrade to Windows 10” section below if you think you can upgrade your current system to Windows Running a really old version of Windows? Windows Vista reached the end of extended support in April , and Windows XP hasn’t been supported since You most likely won’t be able to upgrade directly to Windows 10 if you still have a Vista or XP system.

If your computer is that old, it’s probably time to replace it. Consider buying a new laptop or desktopor try building your own PC if you’re up for it. You’ll find affordable desktops and laptops in stores and on Amazon with Windows 10 ready to go. If you have a Windows 7, 8, or 8. Windows 11 is a free upgrade, much like Windows Microsoft shut down its free Windows 10 upgrade program in November Or, so we thought.

It turns out, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 without spending a dime. It turns out there are several methods of upgrading from older versions of Windows Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. Once clear the cache and storage of play store app. We explain here step by step how to reinstall it.

Update Google Play Store. Buka Play Store, lalu buka menu di sisi kiri aplikasi. Within Android, the store is referred to as Play Store. Find Apps and go to All tab.

Go into Apps. Often, this will be enough to fix the problem. There are a couple of reasons why the Play Store keeps saying Download pending when updating or downloading apps. Go to Play Store. How much Expressvpn Google Play Store Download Pending of your sensitive data are you transmitting through an insecure internet?

For whatever reason, the request for the update or the app ends up in a loop request that times out. Any app or game with a Download icon next to it hasn’t been downloaded yet. There are a couple of reasons why the Play Store keeps saying download pending when updating or downloading apps.

Click on that, it showing like below. Install any pending system updates Software updates are a fantastic thing, but there are bugs in. Check your storage and SD card. Share This To download the game banned in your region you can use some other marketplaces like play store to download the apk file and install it on Bluestacks.

Also, Select setting. Now, click on the Clear Data and Clear cache option. Make sure no other apps are downloading. And delete all app data. Play Store download pending is one of the issues you could face while installing new apps on your Android device from the Google Play Store.

To find apps and games on your PC: On your taskbar, select the Microsoft Store icon, then select More info up by your account picture. But then, Installing Apps from sources other than Play Store is a risky business. Sometimes when you install an app, it might take forever for that app to get installed.

You can try this method given below to fix this issue. Unable to download any apps from the Google Play. Storage space has free space. Open your device’s Settings app. Versi Play Store akan otomatis terupdate kembali, jadi jangan khawatir versi Play Store yang Anda gunakan sudah ketinggalan.

Ask Question 3. Select the Download icon to download and install the app or game. Search for the desired app or game you want to download. Reset the Download Manager. Piled up cache or connectivity issues are the most usual.

Bahkan hampir seluruh pengguna HP android pasti pernah mengalaminya. Play Store pending Application problem How to solve Play Store download pending problemDosto Aaj ki is Vedio Mai batane wala hu ki Play Store pending Sometimes if you uninstall the app and reinstall it, in that case, the associated services will reset and once the Google Play Store is updated again, you should no longer have any pending download issues.

Select uninstall updates and click ok. And here, to settle this error, you have three options: 1. Jika yang dipilih adalah “Over wi-fi only” artinya, Google Play Store hanya akan download aplikasi saat terhubung dengan jaringan wifi dan tidak bisa memakai koneksi data.

How to fix? Ask Question Asked 2 years, 5 months ago. Method 2: Check For Available Storage. Click on OK.

Today, our lives revolve around the internet. Open the Play Store. Buka setting, lalu pilih App Download Preference, lalu pilih Over any netwrok.

Open the Microsoft Store app on your computer. Create playlists, not worklists — on your own or powered by Pandora. Swipe from the right edge, and select My Apps and Games. And the Download size limit option has also been removed from the Download app. But sometimes, users face many errors.

Namun jika terburu buru, cara mengatasi download pending play store tentu saja dengan meningkatkan kecepatan internet kamu. Active 3 months ago. The game will install automatically. Go to www. I’ve waited a long time for this and it’s very upsetting not to be able to get it.

Same tap on the profile picture. We have a few things you can do to attempt to fix this problem. Open the Play Store app. Your app should not grant entitlement to these types of purchases until Google notifies you that the user’s payment method was successfully charged.

Berikut caranya. It is not a very uncommon issue that Android users face and neither it is limited to any phone model. Jika berhasil, berarti koneksi wifi Anda yang sedang bermasalah.

Tap the slider next to Google Play Store so that it turns blue. Open the Settings option in your phone. Google supports the Play Store app, download service, and billing. Multiple, concurrent updates in progress. By the way I don’t know how to download on chrome so i can’t assist you with that. Jan 04, Google Play Store is a great tool since it offers millions of applications. Click to Expand. Shreyas Phayde said: I am not able to download or update app in playstore.

Windows update requires time to complete, so let it finish if you can. There are no guarantees that it also works for you. You may not have to try them all. Just work your way down the list until you find the one that works for you. The Update troubleshooter is a Windows built-in utility that can help resolve common issues with downloading and installing Windows updates. Then, select Windows Update and click Run the troubleshooter. Some third-party applications may conflict with Windows update and cause disruptions to the process.

Then, right-click the program you want to prevent it from opening on startup and select Disable. Try restarting the Windows Update service to see if that fixes your issue:. On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time to open the Run box.

Type services. Right-click the Windows Update and click Restart. Windows updates could take up a fair amount of disk space. If your PC is running low on free space, you might encounter issues when installing Windows updates.

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