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If you want to cut through all that red tape and get to your desktop screen faster, auto logins are the answer. Sounds like a time-saver, right? First, you need to access the Run dialog box on your computer. To reach the quick access menu, right-click on the Start button and scroll down and select Run. Another window appears after you select the OK button.

This one asks for your username and password for confirmation. Enter the required information and select OK a final time. Using these steps also bypasses the Lock Screen as well. Changing your registry is never a simple process. It can have negative effects on your system if you perform a step wrong. Before you start these steps, therefore, you may want to create a recovery point on your computer first.

Go to your Start menu and select Run. The Registry Editor tool has a variety of folders in the left pane. Double-click on the entry named DefaultUserName.

In the next window, type your username and select OK. Find the DefaultPassword entry and double-click on that select. Enter your password when prompted and click on OK again.

Some users may not have a DefaultPassword entry. Now, you can double-click on DefaultPassword and enter your password when prompted. Enabling auto-login without the proper security precautions can compromise the domain. It might be useful for a display system though, like in fast-food restaurants or airports.

In case of a power outage, the devices would automatically log back in when restarted. The ideal situation is to have an uninterruptible power supply UPS on the devices. Notice that the password was stored in plain text. Be tremendously cautious about using autologon in a domain. If anyone can open the Registry Editor, they can read the password and username. They will now have access to anything accessible with those credentials.

Two precautions can be taken; prevent anyone from accessing the registry editor and use a service account with limited permissions for the autologon. Now that you know how to configure auto-login, what are you going to use it on? Do you already use auto-login? If so, in what scenario and have you come across anything we should be aware of? Guy has been published online and in print newspapers, nominated for writing awards, and cited in scholarly papers due to his ability to speak tech to anyone, but still prefers analog watches.

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How to Auto Login Windows 10? Here Are Three Methods.How do I enable automatic login in Windows 10 Pro with a local account? – Super User


Do you find it inconvenient to type a password each time you turn on your PC? Windows 10 professional auto login free so, you can actually automate the whole login process on your Windows 10 computer. This automatic sign-in feature is built into your operating system, and all you need to do is turn it on to get rid of login annoyance.

This will save you from the inconvenience of typing your password on each login. However, if other people also use your computer, your data might not be as safe as anyone can log in to your account and view your files. The easiest way to automatically log in to a user account on Windows 10 is to use the netplwiz utility. This utility comes preloaded on all Windows machines, and you need to tweak an option to enable windows 10 professional auto login free login.

To get started, keep your username and password handy, and then follow нажмите чтобы увидеть больше steps to automate the login process on your PC:. To disable the automatic login feature, simply untick Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer in the netplwiz utility. The Windows Registry lets you enable and disable various features on your PC.

You can use the Registry to sign in to your user accounts as well automatically, and this only requires tweaking a few fields. Keep your username and password handy, and then follow the following steps to enable automatic login for your account:.

To turn automatic login off, change the value of AutoAdminLogon to 0. If you turn this feature on and off frequently, you might want to use this app instead of the methods above.

Autologon is an app that enables you to turn the automatic login feature on and off with a single click. In those cases, simply hold down the Windows 10 professional auto login free key on your keyboard, and that will turn the automatic login off for that particular session.

One of the good things about this app is that it saves your password in the Registry with encryption learn how encryption works. Use one of the methods above to turn this functionality on your PC.

Just make sure nobody else has access to your computer, and you should be okay using this feature. It depends. Related: Easy Ways to Secure Your Computer in Less Than 5 Minutes However, if other people also use your computer, your data might not be as safe as anyone can log in to your account and view your files.


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