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No politics, just facts, i. Sema Action Network. Stuff on the lighter side of the hobby. Off-topic subjects tolerated as long as they have some affinity to antique book collectors uk free hobby. Forum rules still apply. Put the name and location of the museum in the title. Ford, Edsel, Mercury and Lincoln. No parts. Use ” Parts For Sale “.

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Forum software and features questions ONLY. All years and models 65gs. Antique Oldsmobile Club – 35 years and older. Early Ford V8 Club Club website Facebook. Join the Pierce-Arrow Society and get access to their members only forums. If the answer is no, maybe windows 10 free you are about to say should be left unsaid.

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Political posts will not be tolerated All Activity Home. General Discussion General forum for everyone interested in antique automobiles. What is it? Post это windows 7 high cpu usage no processes free допускаете of vehicles or parts you wish to identify. Automotive Legislation No politics, just facts, i.

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Premier Horseless Carriages Pre Antique book collectors uk free Society of Automotive Historians. Steam Cars Stanley, Antique book collectors uk free, etc. Commercial Ambulances, etc. Micro and Mini Cars. Electric Cars Milburn, Baker, etc. Motorcycles – All. British MG, Triumph, Jaguar, etc. French Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, etc.

See Volkswagen below. Italian Ferrari, Fiat, etc. Japanese Datsun, Toyota, Mazda, etc. Swedish Saab, Volvo. Newest Member mynewstips Joined 2 hours ago. Forum Guidelines Follow the forum rules. Post in the appropriate forum. Write complete topic titles. Stay on the topic of the post. Remember the golden rule. Sign In or Sign Up. Letter приведу ссылку AACA 1. Jul May Aftermarket carburetor or EFI? Why are so many changing to Edelbrock Carburetors? The world’s oldest Lincoln.

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Our Experts can provide a free appraisal to give you an estimate of the market price, then help you to ensure the best possible price should you decide to sell. Rare and Antique Books is a leading online book dealer specialising in highly collectable rare books, particularly classic, children’s and modern first. To book your free evaluation today, give us a call on or email us at jezcarson1@ For more information please visit our website.


Sell your antique book collections and more in Sussex with ABC


Antique books have become increasingly popular amongst collectors and those interested in history. Antique books and rare first edition books can be difficult to track down, until now! Love Antiques is a frontrunner when it comes to sourcing dealers with antique books, vintage books and first edition books for sale. Their website removes all the worry when it comes to buying antique books online. No more trawling second-hand stores for antique books, just hoping to strike it lucky.

No more worrying if the old books you find are authentic antique books or first editions. Love Antiques has an incredibly stringent screening process when it comes to their antique book dealers, and only the best are giving the opportunity to list their rare books for sale.

In addition to the screening process, you can contact the antique book dealer directly online. If you have questions about the antique book even after reading the detailed product descriptions, satisfy those curiosities before you buy antique books!

Rare books and first editions make thoughtful gifts for people who value history and the finer things in life. Antique bibles and antique illustration books for children can set alight the imaginations of an entirely new generation; what an amazing investment for a grandparent to gift their new grandchild.

When you buy antique books from Love Antiques, your items will be shipped with care from the book dealer, directly to your home. Secure payment methods make purchasing antique books online stress-free. Whether you collect antique books for their subject matter, the vintage books age, or rarity you can rest assured you’ll find an antique book that takes your fancy at Love Antiques.

In addition to the antique books content, there is no denying vintage books are mesmerizing to look at. Leather bound books that have survived decades and sometimes centuries, weathered pages that must have been read a thousand times! Antique illustrations and language of yesteryear are reminders of a forgotten time.

Love Antiques connects book dealers and book collectors in a secure online environment. Browse the web pages at Love Antiques today and find the next antique book to take pride of place in your antique book collection. Before you purchase old books, you should know that not all antique books are valuable. An antiquarian will tell you that there are key factors to guide you in determining the value of these books.

Collectables include limited or rare books; these are sold at a higher price range than those printed in huge quantities, even if they were released during one of the influential eras in history. While it takes a bit of knowledge and luck to spot valuable antiquarian books, especially signed first edition books, increase your chances of finding collectables by visiting our shop, one of the best sources of these antique books for sale UK collectors would covet.

Books have to be at least a hundred years old to be called antique, but the antique book dealers UK investors go to don’t just price these old books for sale depending on age alone.

Antiquarian books are valued for their aesthetic as well as historical significance, which collectors base their selection of items they collect on, alongside the condition and how rare these old books are. Antiquarian books include rare books, and the more limited or rare these items are, the higher the price they will be sold for.

Books that are less than a hundred years old but are rare are also considered collectibles. Of course, the condition of those antiquarian books also matters, and there are still counterfeit ones you have to avoid. Come to our shop for these old and rare books. We work with certified antique book dealers UK trusts to ensure that we help to sell only items that are truly authentic and valuable. Before purchasing any of those vintage books for sale UK booksellers are offering, a bit of knowledge on how to identify old collectables as well as being aware of their price range will guide you in deciding on which sort of pieces to collect.

You can have an idea of the approximate value of a particular rare book you want to add to your collections by going to an appraiser you trust.

It also helps to try to learn how much these pieces sell on the market, which requires a bit of research. Children’s Books. Hardback Books. Leather Bound Books. Literature Books. Music Books. Photography Books. Vintage Books. Paper Books. Leather Books. Early 20th Century Books. Victorian Books. Mid 20th Century Books. Post s Books. Late 19th Century Books. Arts and Crafts Books. Late Victorian Books. George V Books.

Art Deco Books. Georgian Books. Mid 19th Century Books. Art Nouveau Books. Early 19th Century Books. Edwardian Books. George VI Books. Mid Victorian Books. Early Victorian Books. Louis Philippe I Books.

Regency Books. Late 20th Century Books. William IV Books. British Books. English Books. American Books. European Books. Scottish Books. French Books. Scandinavian Books. Asian Books. Japanese Books. Oriental Books. See more. Subscribe for updates. Sort by. Filter by. Search by. Filter by:. Choose category.

Sort by:. Cautionary Tales for Children Story Book c. Children’s Storybook – Nonsense Book by A. Attrells Waverley Novels in 24 Volumes – How old does a book have to be to be an antique? How do you know if antique books are valuable? How do I find out how much a vintage book is worth? Helpful Links Blog Dealer List. All rights reserved.


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